How To Meet A Nice Girl Today Using My Favorite Conversation Hack

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The Game Bibles

I have written two books on game: Bang and Day Bang.

Bang is a game textbook intended for men who weren’t born with the natural ability to sleep with a lot of women. It contains simple but powerful techniques, moves, and lines that offer a direct line to casual sex. Here are just a few things it contains…

  • The 8 essential beliefs of the alpha male
  • The 5 critical components of the “vibe,” an optimal attitude women find most attractive
  • Detailed text messaging strategy that shows you word-for-word how to get dates in the shortest amount of time possible (no need to make voice calls)
  • “Four key moves” to the kiss that are so natural and easy to pull off that the girl won’t even recognize them as moves
  • A comprehensive dating strategy so you bang her no later than the third date
  • 7 detailed steps to taking off her clothes

Day Bang is a book that teaches you how to meet women during the day, primarily in a coffee shop, clothing store, bookstore, grocery store, subway, or on the street. It contains 51 openers, 23 long dialogue examples with commentary, and dozens of additional lines that teach by example.

  • How to approach women in over a dozen common daytime venues
  • A detailed breakdown of how to use the “elderly opener,” an easy style of approach that reliably starts conversations with women
  • How to take the interesting things you’ve done (your accom-plishments, hobbies, and experiences) and morph them into bait hooks that gets the girl intrigued enough to want to go out with you
  • The optimal day game mindset that leads to the most amount of success
  • Ways to open up a conversation on a girl who isn’t giving you much to work with

My two books complement each other: Day Bang helps you get more prospects while Bang helps you seal the deal with them. Click here to learn more about Bang orĀ click here to learn more about Day Bang.