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Welcome To Pick Up Artist Mindset!

I started with a chance encounter of online game advice in 2001, thenĀ built up my game over time into an indirect style where I don’t tell a girl that I immediately like her. There are many other related sites out there but with my site I hope to eliminate a lot of the fluff and dive right into sharing solid advice.

If you’re new here, sit back and first check out the articles. Get out an old notebook and take notes. Mastering game is a long process and it comes in stages of learning and then doing. A lot of guys make the mistake in thinking they need to know everything before they even talk to a girl, as if their desire to get laid isn’t enough to help them take things to the next level (it is).

My advice to you is learn just enough to get your foot out the door, and get out there and approach, approach, approach. The only way to meet girls is to talk to them, so after a certain point the less you read my site the better. There is no substitute for experience.

There are a few resources out there which may jump-start your success, but none of them will make you walk up to a cute girl and talk to her. That’s entirely up to you. That said, sit back, enjoy the articles, check out my two game books, and good luck!


Posted by on June 2, 2008.

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