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Why You Should Take A Book With You On Your First Dates

One night I had a date with a Polish girl and beforehand something told me it wasn’t going to go very well and that I should bring some entertainment. So I brought a book (Fathers & Sons by Ivan Turgenev).

Sure enough, one hour after we met up, she told me it was time to end the date because “We need to start slow, like in La Petit Prince.” Whatever. I had my book with me so I ordered another drink and cracked it open.

coverAfter this I started taking a book with me to every date, and noticed a couple things.

First, it serves as a great conversation starter that begins the date on an interesting note. You can take it a step further by using it to mold your image depending on the book you take. If the girl sees you as a pensive intellectual, how about you take some literature? If she sees you as an adventurer, maybe some sort of travel book.

Second and more importantly, taking a book discourages bad behavior.

In D.C. I have been out with a lot of sassy and “in charge” girls who can be blunt with their words. When I don’t like what I’m hearing, all I have to do is stare hard at my book. She quickly gets the hint that I have other options.

One time I reached for my book when my date was acting retarded, and she said, “Okay I’ll calm down, sorry.”

It’s kind of a nuclear option to get the exact type of behavior you want in a girl and especially works well on the ones who are over-confident (think lawyers).

One last perk of taking books is that it’s no longer a big deal if she’s late. You’ll remain apathetic and aren’t reduced to staring at your phone like an idiot, wondering if you’re being stood up or not. You’ll lose track of time and may even be a little disappointed once she finally arrives because you were in the middle of an exciting part.

For less Westernized and feminized countries you don’t need this move, as I’ve never done it in South America. But in the States I do it all the time.

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