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How To Pick Up Girls Who Speak A Different Language

Here’s a reader question about trying to hit on girls who speak a different language.


In Miami most of my potential victims have little or no english skills. My spanish is borderlines on caveman, but I understand plenty and are able to get me needs understood. What do you think?

My Answer:

Four options:

1. Learn Spanish. Go to Isohunt and download the Pimsleur Spanish courses
2. Bring along a prop. Maybe a dog? Tarot cards?
3. Set up a crude palm reading stand. I image that would be fun
4. Find a new place to meet girls!

I feel your pain though: you have this untapped supply of women and you can do nothing about it. I had this same problem in South America but i was doing this in bars and clubs. The music made the pauses less painful and there was alcohol and a dance floor to help things. I found that a digital camera to show them pictures showed my value while continuing the interaction.


Posted on December 15 2008 in Approaching, Q&A, Venues

Is Your Venue Selection Flawed?

There’s only one way to find out if you’re method of finding girls is paying off, and that’s to look at your past results. I want you to take part in this exercise and open up a new spreadsheet in Excel.

On the first column list the bars or clubs you have frequented the most in the last four years, especially ones you’ve gotten laid from. If you have gotten laid from a non-alcoholic venue like a particular coffee shop then include that in the list too.

In the second column estimate as best as you can the number of times you’ve been to each place during those four years.

In the third column list the number of times you’ve banged a girl that you met at each venue.

Finally in the fourth column divide the two numbers to get a success rate percentage.

Is the highest percentage venue the one you go to most often?

Let’s take this a step further. In the fifth column put down a dollar amount that is your average cost for a night out at each venue.

In the sixth column multiply columns two and five to get total money spent.

Then lastly in the seventh column divide columns six and three, to get the average cost per notch from each venue. Surprised?

I lamented the close of Dragonfly, the Washington DC venue I banged quite a few of women at, but I’ve been so many times that turns out my success rate there was rather pitiful and my cost per notch astronomical at five times higher than the next best venue.

There is even a bar that is one of my current favorites that the numbers don’t justify I visit while a bar across the street that I often skip has yielded much better fruit.

Why do I continue to select venues against my best interests? I don’t know but the numbers don’t lie, no matter how much I think one place is better than the next.

While bars and clubs are the dominant venues I talk about my book Bang, in the Appendix I share advice on how to hit on girls in other situations like on the street, from a car, in a coffee shop, and in the gym.

Have you ever had the problem where you saw a girl you liked, but didn’t know how to have a conversation with her? Well that’s the exact problem Bang solves, by giving you tons of lines that you can use almost anywhere. If you’re looking for a game resource that helps you talk to women, then click here to read sample pages of Bang today.

Posted on November 12 2008 in Approaching, Bars & Clubs, Venues