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My Second Book: A Dead Bat In Paraguay

A Dead Bat In ParaguayFinally, my follow-up to Bang has been published. It’s called A Dead Bat In Paraguay, and is a memoir about my six-month adventure through South America where I searched for life meaning and foreign women. If you’ve ever thought about quitting your job and taking a long trip to exotic places (while trying to bang the local women in the process), then I think it’s for you. Here is the website…

I tried to make the website fun and interesting by tossing in important life and travel quotes I’ve stumbled on.

At the top of my new book’s web site you’ll find a two-minute overview of the book. You’ll also find a synopsis and a link to three excerpts, things I hope will help you decide if you think the book is for you or not. And like with Bang, you can get your money back if you happen to not like it (impossible I say!).

Video Introduction

Check out two reviews written by bloggers who’ve read the book.

If you’re a fan of Bang then I think you’ll like A Dead Bat In Paraguay because I go into detail about how it’s like to get laid in foreign countries. It’s not a straight-up textbook like Bang, but you’ll walk away with a lot of tips and hopefully a more enlightened perspective.

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I just opened doors to Roosh V Forum. It combines readers of my book and all my blogs. The main categories right now are Girls and Travel.

For the forum’s first three weeks I’m giving away two prizes. If you make at least one post by September 2, you will be entered in a random drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Condom Depot or a $15 gift certificate to Check it out


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Top 8 Pick Up Artist Sites

1. Seduction Chronicles

One of the more active game sites on the internet with contributions from several gurus, including Paul Janka and Dave Wygant. Usually one of the first to post about community controversy, like the most recent of Mystery‘s lawsuits. Features a large amount of product reviews and also a budding forum. RSS subscribers receive a free ebook about inner game.

2. TSB Mag

TSB has transformed into a full-fledged mens magazine with dating, sex, and fashion tips along with celebrity photo spreads and weekly radio podcasts. The founders take a more balanced approach to game with a focus on being a well-rounded man instead of just an approach monkey. They teach in person with their Mansformation seminar in the Dominican Republic.

3. Sarge Nation

The PUA’s answer to Digg. Anyone can submit links and those that get enough votes (usually three), make it to the front page. Here you tend to get exposed to a lot of good content from smaller sites that you wouldn’t normally see from the big one’s. Also has a blog with instructional videos.

4. Fast Seduction

Probably the oldest game site still running, Fast Seduction is bursting with content. The front page alone has a hundred links and it’s hard to know where to start, with enough information that will make your head spin. Start with the Player Guide and then work your way over the mASF, which replaced the newsgroups on usenet. Some say the content here is dated but you’ll still learn plenty of good tips.

5. E-Seduce

Arguably the most controversial game site. Mack Tight makes almost daily jabs at problems he sees in the community with gurus who attempt to fleece young man or give flat-out bad advice. Most recently he made fun of the sales pitch of a guru who tried to use NLP to increase sales. He is not shy to steer people away from products that he feels doesn’t live up to the hype.

6. Yummy Stale Bread

Yummy bought The Game by Neil Strauss over a year ago and has since dived headfirst into game, using his blog as a place to share resources he’s found and stories detailing his approach attempts in excruciating detail. His up-to-date blogroll alone is worth a visit (Yummy has compiled a list of over twenty forums).

7. The Modern Savage

Similar to Yummy’s blog but more natural with less focus on techniques and more on interesting story telling. Savage is a good writer who whips themes around his posts instead of just spitting them out there. Start with his most popular posts on the right which has a listing of the top 25 PUAs.

8. Thundercat’s Seduction Lair

One of the first game blogs that reads more like a cheesy soap opera than a good resource, Thundercat’s Seduction Lair focus was highlighting fights between gurus from competing camps, including the author’s own beef with Ross Jeffries. The content has mellowed the past year and is not as frequently updated, but is still worth a visit once every blue moon to relive the seduction community’s glory days.

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