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Is Paul Janka The Real Deal?

Paul Janka has recently burst onto the PUA scene with his Attraction Formula e-book. I have never seen him in action besides his exposure on television programs and while I have no doubt that he possesses knowledge which is beneficial to men who want to get laid more, the numbers he has published makes me wonder how realistic it is to achieve a high level of success based on his strategies.

On his upcoming seminar page he says how many phone numbers he’s gotten (3428), now removed, while also giving his number of lays (153). He has stated that he has a spreadsheet that keeps track of these figures.

Let’s do the math. If you divide phone numbers by lays you get 22. That means he gets one bang for every twenty-two numbers. What that tells me is he gets flaked on a lot, either due to his poor attraction game or the way he is closing.

My hunch says it has something to do with his looks. No bones about it, he is a very good looking guy, moreso than any other PUA I’ve seen. I’m guessing that girls throw him their number because of his looks, not his game, and then flake out because he didn’t build attraction and comfort.

Let’s take the math a step further. How many approaches do you think it takes Paul Janka has to do to get one number? I’m going to guess three. Maybe right now he only has to do one or two, but early on I’m sure he struggled and had to do five or more. Three sounds like a reasonable number, even though I’m sure it is higher.

So let’s multiply three by the number of phone numbers he’s gotten. That gives us 10,284. That means he’s probably done over 10,000 approaches in just a few years. I’ve done a lot of approaches in my life but I doubt I’ve hit 1,000. If you divide 10,000 approaches by five years, which is about how long he’s been in the game, you’ll get 2,000 approaches a year, or 5.5 approaches a day, every day.

If he has approached 10,284 girls for 153 lays means he’s getting a lay per 67 approaches. That’s a 1.5% success rate.

Again, I’m not posting this to bash Paul Janka, because I haven’t seen his game, but the math he has given is no inspiration to his students. Based on his good looks, is his numbers worse or better than what a man with average looks and average game can get? Probably worse. Study his material with a grain of salt.

Posted on September 10 2008 in Paul Janka