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How To Isolate A Girl At The Bar

Many times a girl you approach at a bar or club will isolate herself from her cockblocking friends. She’ll let them go off to another part of the bar to so you can talk without interruptions and maybe even make-out. But sometimes the isolation doesn’t happen on its own.

If her friends are hanging on her like glue and you sense a moment where you can escalate the interaction, try this simple yet effective isolation move:

“How about you come to the bar with me so I can get a drink…”

If the bar is especially crowded, leave your hand out for her to grab and lead her to the bar, but DO NOT buy her a drink. Get one drink and offer her a few sips. Linger at the bar, put your arm on her waist, and make a move before your drink is done.

The whole point of the game, besides some cheap thrills in the sack, is to find the quality girl you deserve instead of having to settle like most guys do. I remember the time when I personally couldn't even have conversations with pretty girls. I would just stare at them and do nothing, hoping that by some miracle of God they would come talk to me first. But they never did.

My problem was part lack of confidence, part fear, and part inexperience. Yet once I decided to take control of the problem, I sucked it up and started approaching girls everywhere like a maniac. That's how I learned by trial and error and came up with an effective system to go from approach to bang, which I describe in my book Bang.

In Bang I teach you everything I learned about girls with a strong focus on approaching and having interesting conversation that creates attraction. Then step-by0step I tell you how to call the girl, take her out on dates, and then finally seal the deal. With my system I'm confident you will eventually meet and bang the one girl that you want for the long-term. Click here to learn more about Bang today.

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