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How Proper Venue Selection Can Lead To More Successful Dates

Even if you’re a beginner, your texting skills will sooner or later net you actual dates with girls. But getting a girl to go out with you doesn’t mean your hard work is over; you’ve merely moved into the next level of the video game, which carries with it its own set of enemies and bosses. Unlike your previous interactions with the girl, the date is a complex, extended exchange with many variables to consider. There’s a fine line between a poorly executed date, where the girl never contacts you again, and a successful one, where you have sex with the girl or situate things so it can happen on a subsequent date.

A lot of what determines this is simple logistics: the what/where/when of your planning and execution. The underlying principle of good logistics is, in the simplest terms, always planning with sex in mind. Even if your dates don’t lead to sex—and they often won’t—planning for the best-case scenario will make you more successful, more often.

Good date-logistics start with the basics: choosing a suitable venue and time. There’s no perfect place, so don’t obsess over this. Don’t plan anything complicated, distracting, or otherwise gratuitous, like skydiving or horseback riding. Since you’re supposed to be “getting to know each other,” you’re not going to raise any eyebrows by selecting a simple bar or night lounge. Night is always better than day. And it’s always best to go to a place that serves alcohol, since coffee-shop or restaurant dates rarely lead to any kind of intimacy. Your goal is to establish a mood.

Coffee shops simply don’t provide the atmosphere for physical escalation. When was the last time you saw a guy make out with a girl at Starbucks? Restaurants are even worse. A girl with a full stomach is a girl with an empty vagina. The digestion process pulls blood away from the reproductive organs for both of you—especially if it’s a heavy meal with tons of cheese and meat. So even if she wanted to have sex before the meal, she’s not going to want to while she’s busy digesting and secretly farting every five minutes. Food also absorbs alcohol. So even if you drink eating, she’s not going to get into that relaxed, fun mood that is conducive to sex.

Schedule your dates after standard dinner time. If you end up in a place where they serve food, and the girl announces she’s hungry, say “you get food, I already ate.” She’ll likely get something small, so she doesn’t appear like a total porker in front of you—or will ask you to split something with her, where you can further control the selection. (The exception, of course, is if she’s fat, where she’s already demonstrated little shame in her eating behavior, as telegraphed by her sloppy physique that loudly advertises her love for food to the entire world.) Best case: avoid places that serve anything beyond light “tapas.”

Some bars are definitely better than others. It’s best if you already have venues in mind that are cool, comfortable, not too crowded or loud, and most importantly, conveniently located. That “perfect bar” that requires taking three buses or driving 45 minutes on the interstate to get there is going to do you no good. Ideally, you want to choose a venue from which you can easily and comfortably move to your place (or hers). It doesn’t need to be next door (this, in fact, might seem a little too transparent), but it should be accessible. Oftentimes, the only thing that keeps a girl from coming home with you is that it’s somehow difficult, time-consuming, or awkward. You need to anticipate and remove as many of those objections ahead of time as you can.

Smart venue selection can make all the difference between a memorable night with your date and another night of jerking off to Internet porn. Plan ahead and reap your rewards.

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November 28th, 2011

that another girl we work with one who is a copule years younger and much skinnier and more attractive than me, had the exact same one. He replied, See? It’s a nice one you look better in it though. It surprised me he said that for two reasons. 1. He’s like a politician, it’s unlike him to pick one coworker over the other in any way. He said it in the lunch room w/ ppl around too, and 2. bc of my size-I wear a size 8 and all of the popular, young pretty girls in the office are a size 0-4.On Thursday of this week we got to talking about shows. I was excitd to watch Idol and The Big Bang Theory. He suggested I get into the show Revenge. So Friday, he walked by my desk about 4 times w/out saying anything. My coworker was next to me all day. Then at the end of the day I came out of the bathroom and he happened to be behind me. He said, HEY!’ so i backed up to talk to him a bit. He said, I didn’t see the show, but I taped it.. I just think it’s kind of interesting to go home and think of me enough to set his dvr to record a show I recommended It wouldn’t have occurred to me to watch or tape the show he recommended to me I’m 26 and currently weigh 160 lbs at my highest though my weight fluctuates between 153-160. He’s 30 or 31 and an unfaithful husband. His type is like 22, and the smaller the better . Totally nothing I’d get involved with, but even if he just thinks of me a little I would consider it a great compliment.

November 28th, 2011

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November 28th, 2011

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