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How To Pick Up A Goth Girl

Before you think about gaming a goth girl, first ask yourself why these girls turned goth? Chances are it’s because they are tired of the mainstream commercial culture and want to feel or be different. If you are an Abercrombie & Fitch or J Crew dude who looks like everyone else, then you’re not getting any.

The best way to get with a goth girl is to have a unique interest that she values. You don’t have to be goth but you have to trend towards the alternative. For example if you are an artist or DJ, this will immediately appeal to the goth girl, along with anything artsy. But you’re a frat boy then it’s best to stick to those red cup dorm parties.

A good place to meet goth girls or reformed goth girls are renaissance fairs, also known as “ren fests.” For some reason they cannot resist dressing up in Middle Ages garb and calling each other hags and wenches. Dress up as a knight or monk and work your approach magic. I’m not sure where the line at goth girl ends and the one at nerd begins, but there is a lot of overlap. Think like a goth girl, develop something unique they would be attracted to, then go find them. Easy right?


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1 jason
June 19th, 2008

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